About Molly

Molly is an internationally sought-after speaker and author. She has dedicated the past 26 years to empowering people to have even more grit and resilience and to leverage their adversity into their advantage.

Molly KennedyShe grew up in a dysfunctional family with addiction, divorce, neglect and abandonment. She suffered from an eating disorder, was suicidal and ran away at 15 years old. Then the abuse began.

Challenges and trauma kept showing up throughout Molly’s life. She lost her full-time teaching career, twice, due to budget cuts. Without a job or insurance, she decided to step away from the classroom to pursue her next career as a speaker and author. She didn’t know how, but she did have a vision and the mindset of a champion to take action and make it happen!

Molly ‘walks the walk’ and is a specialist when it comes to mindset, grit and perseverance. She turned her pain into purpose and has achieved many life goals, including earning her Master’s Degree in Sports Medicine, becoming an author, completing multiple marathons, winning championships in bodybuilding and Olympic weightlifting and earning the distinction of Ironman Triathlete (140.6 miles). Molly has also jumped out of an airplane twice, walked across fire twice, climbed the equivalent of Mt. Everest in less than 32 hours and had summited all 46 of New York’s highest mountains.

Her heart’s work is to inspire people to FLIP their mindset and recognize that the struggle IS the gift. Molly’s message empowers everyone to get UNstuck from any challenge or transition life throws at them. People learn practical, user-friendly strategies that are immediately actionable and applicable to every aspect of life. This is NOT a one and done message. It will stick to your ribs!

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