Education Reviews

“Molly’s assembly focused was on resilience, perspective and better handling adversity. She was very engaging, energetic and had a real passion for helping students change their mindset toward adversity in their lives.

She kept the students engaged with real examples, as well as some tips and stories from her own life with which our students were able to relate.

It was also nice when we were booking Molly to speak directly to her over the phone instead of a booking agent.”

Heath Miller

Principal, Mitchell Jr/Sr High School, Nebraska

“I have never seen MS/HS students as engaged as they were hearing Molly’s message. Adults and students alike, left with something new in their leadership tool belt. 10/10, book her today!”

Melissa Caudill, EdD

PASC Region G, Junior high Student Council Advisor

“The impactful and relatable message of resilience, overcoming obstacles and having a growth mindset that Molly delivers is a must for today’s college student. Her contagious energy holds their attention by sharing her authentic life experience with a comedic wit that keeps students wanting to know more.”

Sue Sweeney

Director of campus health & well-being, Mercyhurst University, pennsylvania

“WOW! Molly’s presentation to our staff was better than I could have imagined. It was great to hear so much laughter and reinforce the value of our staff. This is going to be a great year.”
Shawn Thomas

Superintendent, USD 346, Kansas

“This was the exact message we needed our students to hear. Sometimes it’s hard to choose the right speaker. Molly’s message was appropriate, fun and meaningful.”
Susie Bennett

Leadership Teacher, Activities Director, Culture Coordinator, Selah Middle School, Washington