“I cannot say enough about Molly. She was an outstanding speaker, delivered a powerful message and was loved by both the students and the faculty. We usually take some heat from our faculty for cutting into their contact time.

Not one person complained.

I actually received numerous emails complimenting our officers for choosing Molly.”

– Stacy Rominger, STAP Advisor

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Bring Back the JOY!

Professional Development for Educators

This keynote will help educators feel reenergized and rediscover their JOY! They’ll smile, laugh (a lot) and walk out saying, “That’s exactly what I needed to hear today.”

Our students have changed. As a veteran educator, Molly speaks to teacher’s hearts so they feel seen, valued and celebrated.

She helps educators amplify their impact and STILL create meaningful, instant connections with their students. They will be able to create an environment students love coming to and learning in, rather than battling everyday for cooperation and engagement.

Your educators will:

  • Be reenergized and equipped to handle everything on their plate
  • Lead with gratitude and joy
  • Create more resilient and resourceful students
  • See the potential in ‘that kid’ more than the problem
  • Design a classroom culture students enjoy learning in
  • Be able to quickly and easily form connections with students in a more purposeful way

The Winning Mindset: Build a Life of Grit, Confidence and Success


In this dynamic, high energy keynote, Molly helps students drop the excuses and self-doubt to show up ready to learn and succeed. Through personal stories and appropriate humor, your students will learn how to improve their grit, mental fitness and develop a perspective that builds confidence and success.

Molly walks the walk. She shares her story of growing up in a family with addiction, neglect. She suffered from an eating disorder, was suicidal and ran away at 15 years old. Then the abuse began.

She teaches students how to develop grit, confidence and achieve anything they set their mind to.

With 26 years experience working with teens, Molly knows how to speak their language and instantly connect. One moment they are laughing and the next you can hear a pin drop.

This transformational message gets REAL results for your students. She takes them from ‘yeah but’ to LET’S GO!

Your students will:

  • Develop resiliency from life’s obstacles
  • Be able to leverage their adversity into their advantage
  • FLIP their perspective and shift towards a growth mindset
  • Make more responsible choices
  • Improve confidence and self-worth

    Bruh, I’m AWESOME! Overcoming Self-Doubt to Become Unstoppable


    This workshop is scheduled after a keynote or as a stand-alone workshop. It’s a high-engagement workshop where the participants DO THE WORK. It gets real- no fluff. And that’s exactly why it gets RESULTS!

    Your students and teachers will:

        • FLIP limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs
        • Eliminate the ‘I’m not good enough’ monster
        • Reduce scarcity mindset
        • Improve self-talk
        • Increase internal validation
    “Molly spoke to my heart today.”

    Andrew, Middle School Student

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    Building Resilient Students


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