“I cannot say enough about Molly. She was an outstanding speaker, delivered a powerful message and was loved by both the students and the faculty. We usually take some heat from our faculty for cutting into their contact time.

Not one person complained.

I actually received numerous emails complimenting our officers for choosing Molly.”

– Stacy Rominger, STAP Advisor

female motivational speaker
female motivational speaker
female motivational speaker

Reclaim your JOY and ENTHUSIASM!

Professional Development for Educators

Our students have changed. Educators at every level are exhausted, spread too thin and in the burn out cycle of battling everyday for cooperation, engagement and calm.

This keynote will help educators feel reenergized and rediscover their JOY! They’ll smile, laugh (a lot) and walk out saying, “That’s exactly what I needed to hear today.”

As a veteran educator, with 26 years working with students, Molly speaks to teachers’ hearts so they feel seen, valued and celebrated. The ripple effect means even greater student success.

Your educators will be able to:

  • Perform the three steps to navigate what’s already on their plate
  • Use the one simple strategy to build meaningful connections
  • Choose four immediate actionable steps to establish calm 
  • Practice one brain hack for improved and sustainable morale

The Unstoppable Mindset: Build a Life of Grit, Confidence and Success


*Mental Health and SEL*

Students today are struggling with even more distractions, anxiety and self-doubt. Combined with lower levels of resilience, they hold themselves back from being able to learn and have success at a high level.

With 26 years of experience working with teens, Molly instantly connects with relatable stories with appropriate humor. This high energy keynote will help your students learn how to improve their perspective, mindset and resilience. This transformational message gets REAL results for your students. She takes them from ‘yeah but’ to LET’S GO!

Your students will be able to:

  • Use the three steps to make healthier and wiser choices
  • Practice the one skill to increase their resilience and confidence 
  • Apply four immediate action steps to be more in control
    female motivational speaker

    Bruh, I’m AWESOME! Overcoming Self-Doubt to Become Unstoppable


    This workshop is scheduled after a keynote or as a stand-alone workshop. It’s a high-engagement, deep dive workshop where the participants DO THE WORK. It gets real- no fluff. And that’s exactly why it gets RESULTS!

    Your students and teachers will be able to:

        • Construct one limiting belief into one empowering belief
        • Identify the three questions to eliminate the ‘I’m not good enough’ mindset
        • Demonstrate the same framework for any area of their life  
    “Molly spoke to my heart today.”

    Andrew, Middle School Student

    For Speaking Engagements

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    Building Resilient Students


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    Having obstacles does not make you unique. Thriving despite them does.
    Molly’s message empowers people to overcome their obstacles, be successful and thrive! People often say, “I felt like you were speaking right to me.” Molly shares her story so people can re-write theirs.

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