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The Struggle Is Real:

But It Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard


Every service professional struggles with adversity, uncertainty, and the ‘I’m not enough’ mindset. These limiting beliefs find their way into every aspect of life. This often leads to overwhelm, burnout and negatively affects the bottom line.

Your audience will learn how to flip their mindset, control the controllables and leverage adversity into their advantage. This transformation will allow them to create the next level version of themselves which results in better morale, more productivity and greater success in your organization.

This keynote turns excuses and ‘Yeah but’ into ‘LET’S GO’ with actionable steps to thrive!

Actionable Takeaways

  • Practice the three step method to reset their mindset with clarity and confidence
  • Use the one simple strategy to build meaningful connections with colleagues and clients
  • Perform the one brain hack to drive sustainable change in your organization 
  • Implement four action steps to handle the day to day challenges with ease 


‘Why me’ vs. ‘WATCH ME!’


Service professionals are dealing with plenty of overwhelm, being spread too thin and lacking work-life balance. Unfortunately, there will always be elements outside of their control to keep them stuck.

Your group will learn to step up their level of acceptance for what is and reclaim accountability for their response to become unstoppable. They will be empowered to align their desired outcomes with their actions resulting in less excuses and more success.

This keynote FLIPS the defeated mindset of “Why me?” into the winning mindset of “WATCH ME!”

Actionable Takeaways

  • Recognize four steps to shift the focus to progress and solutions
  • Construct one limiting belief into one empowering belief
  • Perform the “If I can’t, then I must mindset” 

Beyond the Screen: From Isolation to Liberation


In a post-pandemic world, the data on isolation and loneliness is in. We are lonelier than ever, even in this world where we think we are constantly connected by our phones. The reality is that we are constantly distracted from our real lives. Our pocket comparison machines magnify the defeated ‘What’s wrong with me?’ mindset.

Your audience will learn how to flip their perspective, generate more internal validation and self-worth to regain control of their lives.

Actionable Takeaways

  • Demonstrate preventive and proactive coping strategies
  • Create intentional resilience from gratitude and optimism
  • Analyze the meaning attached to emotions 

“Talk about ending the Conference on a high note!”

Sharon Endorf,
Director of Member Engagement, Nebraska Association of School Board