Creating the Champion Within: How To Get UP When Life Knocks You Down

School Assembly Program or Leadership Keynote

Are your students struggling with perseverance and grit lately? Molly helps students drop the excuses and show up ready to learn and succeed. Through personal stories and appropriate humor, your students will learn how to improve their perspective and develop intentional resilience that helps them handle the hard things better.

Your students will:

  • Develop intentional resilience
  • Shift towards a growth mindset
  • Handle adversity better

Things have changed: How to still have an IMPACT

Professional Development Program

As a veteran educator, Molly helps experienced educators achieve instant connections with their students so they can create an environment students love coming to and learning in, rather than battling everyday for cooperation and engagement.

Your educators will:

  • Be able to quickly form connections with students in a more purposeful way
  • Learn to create an environment students enjoy
  • Create more resilient and resourceful students
  • See the potential in ‘that kid’ more than the problem

Interactive Strategy Session with staff after presentation.

Dude, I’m AWESOME!

Teen & Leadership Workshop

This high energy and interactive workshop will help teens become better leaders by embracing the importance of knowing they are valuable, have a purpose and they matter!

Your students will:

  • Learn to validate from within
  • Improve their self-talk and mindset
  • Increase self-confidence
Building Resilient Students

Building Resilient Students

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