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“We were fortunate to have Molly Kennedy as our closing keynote speaker at our annual Conference. She took such an interest in our group that she attended parts of the whole Conference to learn more about our membership. She did a wonderful job of connecting with our members, inspiring the attendees, and encouraging teamwork. She was just the positive influence we were seeking. Talk about ending the Conference on a high note! She is small in stature, but brings a big message of positivity, and I would highly recommend her.”

Sharon Endorf

Director of Member Engagement, Nebraska Association of School Board

“Molly Kennedy has an incredible ability to inspire and empower her audience to become a better version of themselves. Her energy is contagious, and her message is authentic and provides strategies for personal growth. After attending one of Molly’s presentations, you will be motivated, confident and ready to take on making positive changes in your life and business.”

Maureen Braunscheidel

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Technology, SCSD

“Thank you for your amazing ability to make people feel important and that they’re not alone. I walk the buildings and so many people reached out and said thank you for putting such a nice program together and that they loved you. My finance person, who usually doesn’t show too much emotion, said he needed that. The funny thing is that finance people usually don’t talk like that so that was really cool. I’m so glad that you overcame so many things and use that gift to lift others.”
Dr. John Severson

Superintendent, MAISD

What truly set Molly apart was her genuine enthusiasm and sincerity. It was evident that she was not just there to deliver a speech but genuinely cared about making a difference in the lives of her audience. Her energy was infectious, leaving everyone feeling motivated and empowered to take action.”

Kim Kinblom, SHRM-CP

Personnel Director/Deputy County Administrator, Clinton County

“Working with Molly has been game-changing for my business. She helped me shift my mindset, flip my limiting beliefs, get out of my own way and understand that my business was scaleable.”
Lindsey Gleason

Founder, TeamGLEAS

“We hire Molly every year for our annual conference. It’s hard to put into words exactly how inspired and moved to action our conferees are year after year. I live her message, it’s part of who I am now! It is vital for her message to be heard by anyone who wants to take their life to the next level.”
Dr. Rhonda C. Lamberg

Co-Director, Rotary District 6290 Life Leadership Conference